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9 Color Trends That Will Take Over In 2023

9 Color Trends That Will Take Over In 2023

The current condition of the world has a significant impact on color fashion. In a time of rising inflation, global conflicts, and climate crisis, it is not surprising that color is used to express a collective desire for escape and angst.

Expect a stark contrast between nostalgic, tranquil color palettes and dark, dystopian color schemes in 2019. Calming and optimistic color schemes provide much-needed escape and optimism, whereas darker dystopian hues harshly confront the current political and economic landscape.

The color trends for 2023 are all about light and shadow, allowing us to manifest ourselves on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist (or, dare we say, a realist), this year’s color trends have you covered.

9 Color Trends That Will Take Over In 2023

Here are the nine most popular hues for 2023:

1. 1970s Color Scheme

The earthy browns, avocado greens, mustard yellows, and harvest golds of the ’70s are making a comeback, with designers drawing inspiration from the decade’s mellow and chill color palette. Consider hazy California vistas, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, and Fleetwood Mac’s attire.

In addition to evoking a sense of wistful longing for a simpler era, the earthy tones help to ground us by evoking a sense of comfort, familiarity, and approachability, qualities that we all require in these uncertain times.

2. Acidic Hues

The acidic color scheme is comprised of colors that irritate the eyes (in the most aesthetically appealing manner). This trend has its origins in the scientific study of acidic substances. The greater the acidity of a substance, the brighter its color.

Contrary to the gentle aesthetics of the 1970s color trend, these arresting and startling hues command your attention. If you are tasked with standing out from the throng, the acidic color palette is your answer.

3. Silver Chrome

Similar to the trend of acid graphics in graphic design, the silver chrome color trend perfectly suits the category of melancholy and gloom.

This trend is about challenging the status quo, as evidenced by its distorted, dissolved metallic appearance. The tint of silver can range from a dark or matte hue to a metallic sheen. This color trend ties in with adjacent styles such as acid graphics and anti-design. It is less about beauty for the sake of beauty and more about provoking anti-establishment expression and challenging norms.

4. Ecstatic Colors

In the current economic and political climate, feeling hopeless is simple; all you have to do is read the news. In addition to actively fighting for a better world, we must shed light on the darkness. This is precisely what these exuberant and highly saturated tints accomplish.

Bright and daring hues are characteristic of ecstatic hues, which convey a confident, uninhibited impression that catches the eye. Because these hues are joyous and cheerful, they exude a youthful and carefree spirit. These colors give us hope as we turn to the future, despite the world’s prevailing gloom.

5. Millennial Kitsch

The millennial kitsch color trend draws inspiration from the late 1990s to the middle of the 2000s when brands marketed to adolescent females with ornate, playful aesthetics in cheerful hues such as blue, pink, yellow, and green.

For some, these color evoke a simpler time when we were less dependent on the internet, a cherished childhood memory, or a connection to something familiar. And for others, it represents optimism and hope for the future, as younger generations find expression through vibrant, energizing colors to be empowering.

6. Warm Mediterranean

In a post-COVID world, the attractiveness of the warm Mediterranean color palette is that it appeals to a desire for escape and travel. The dusty reds, pink, and gray clay tones are reminiscent of an island on your travel bucket list and a stunning ceramic studio in Mallorca that you’ve been dying to visit.

The delicate and gentle tones of the Mediterranean color trend induce a sense of calm and relaxation as if you were on vacation somewhere warm.

7. Dark sci-fi Tones

Dark sci-fi tones provide something considerably more grave and almost malevolent. The essence of the dark sci-fi color trend is that it reflects the sinister side of the contemporary world, a world dominated by technological advancements that appear to imprison us rather than liberate us. This somber color trend reflects the current climate.

These sci-fi tints provide a striking color scheme that transports viewers to another world. While most colors are dark, such as dark browns, blues, and grays, using a livelier hue like blue, yellow, or red can create a striking contrast. This color trend has an overall gloominess that enables us to reflect on these darker times as we ponder revolution rumblings and anti-establishment sentiments.

8. Undersaturated Earth Tones

The colors of subdued earth tones are influenced by nature and the vast outdoors. Consider verdant browns, light greens, soft yellows, and soft blues juxtaposed with harmonious, soft off-white paper tones.

This color scheme provides a soothing and calming energy that helps us relax from the turmoil and bustle of daily life. These colors are easy on the senses visually. And they remind us to calm down for a moment. These hues are ideal for eco-friendly packaging and infant product branding.

9. Pantone’s Color Of The Year: Viva Magenta

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Viva Magenta, a courageous and resilient shade paving the way for an optimistic future. It comes when we relearn how to live after a pandemic, explore a new technological age, and cope with a rising sense of unrest and angst due to economic instability, global conflicts, and climate change.

Though the darker tones in Viva Magenta may evoke thoughts of doom and melancholy, many are drawn to the color’s brightness. The lighter tones are vibrant and energizing, allowing many to find inspiration, optimism, and escapism, a motif that has also emerged in our 2023 design trends. “It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint; it is an electrifying and limitless shade manifesting as a bold statement.”

The color evokes the sensation of limitless expression, experimentation, and exploration, which inspires a rebellious spirit as we take courageous and audacious steps to construct a better world.

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