Your Vacation destinations AS PER YOUR ZODIAC SIGN


They may love hiking in Patagonia, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or discovering Tokyo's lively nightlife.


They might love relaxing on Bali's beaches, touring Tuscany's vineyards, or indulging in spa treatments in Santorini.


They might love visiting Cambodia's historic temples, taking a cookery class in Thailand, or visiting art museums in Paris.


They might like a Banff mountain cabin escape, a Cape Cod beach house rental, or a charming bed and breakfast in the English countryside.


They might enjoy a luxury safari in Kenya, a Caribbean yacht excursion, or a shopping spree in Milan.


They may enjoy a wellness retreat in Bali, a backpacking journey across Europe, or a volunteer trip to assist disadvantaged communities.


They may appreciate a cruise to the Greek islands, a visit to the vineyards of Napa Valley, or a trip to Canada's picturesque lakes.


They might appreciate a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru, the pyramids of Egypt, or the Amazon rainforest.


They may appreciate a visit to the vibrant markets of Marrakech, a hike to the ancient ruins of Petra, or a road trip along the Australian coastline.


They might enjoy visiting the historical landmarks of Rome, the temples of Kyoto, or India for a cultural immersion experience.


They may appreciate a visit to the futuristic metropolis of Dubai, the art museums of Berlin, or a music festival in Rio de Janeiro.


They might appreciate a journey to the mystic city of Bali, a beach vacation in the Maldives, or a retreat in the tranquil mountains of Bhutan.