Festivals of light to witness around the world


1) Diwali - India

This is the Hindu festival of lights, which is widely celebrated throughout India. During the five-day event, candles, lamps, and fireworks are li.

2) Lantern Festival - China

The Lantern Festival, held on the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, is celebrated by the releasing of hundreds of lanterns into the sky. 

3) Festival of Lights - Lyon, France

This yearly festival takes place over four nights in December and features amazing light displays that adorn the city of Lyon.

4) Loy Krathong - Thailand

This annual November event features the discharge of thousands of lit lanterns into the sky.

5) Hanukkah - Israel

This eight-day Jewish festival is marked by the lighting of candles on a menorah, one candle added each day.

6) Christmas - Worldwide

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated around the world, and it is marked by the lighting of Christmas trees, candles, and other decorations.

7) Kwanzaa - United States

This week-long celebration, held in late December, is a cultural festival honoring African-American roots.